A weekly look into the Division III Great Lakes Region men’s basketball season.


Chelsea returns back for Part 2 to begin discussing the brighter side of her story. We talk about her beginning to turn the corner and how she used fitness and bikini models as a goal for her own recovery plan. After finally getting back to a normal weight, we talk about her first competition and the friends who helped her along the way. We wrap up our conversation to discuss her goals for the future, struggles she continues to endure, and her message to those who may be struggling with similar issues.
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Fellow Marietta College graduate Chelsea Kamody joins me on the second edition of Profiles in Sports. Chelsea begins her story talking about her childhood and where things took a turn for the worse as she began a battle with anorexia that she carried with her to college. We talk about her destructive behaviors at Marietta and the broken relationships she had with her friends and family through this ordeal.After hitting rock bottom after moving to Virginia, we'll talk about turning the corner and her road to recovery and getting into bodybuilding later this week in Part 2.

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